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A New Beginning

July 8, 2018

I've moved.


If you haven't noticed from my incessant posting or phone calls/tweets/insastories, I now live in the beauuuitful Vancouver, of British Columbia, in Canada. For my American friends, BC is a province. Kind of like a state. But we call them provinces.


The city is vibrant and full of life-- I even wrote about it in my journal: "Here, it's impossible not to live. The sheer greenness o fit all-- the colour of vibrancy, it sits, breathes, gives." And it's true. There's a bridge you have to cross to get downtown, and I'm speechless every time I see the view from it. Mountains, beautiful green forests, and the waterfront. It's stunningI can't help but think how lucky I am that I get to live in a place like this. Sure, I have yet to make great friends in Vancouver and only recently found a grocery store, but the life in the city is enough to power me through.


I have a few meetings with agents this week and I've been working hard to learn the landscape of film/tv in Vancouver-- casting directors, film studios, all of it. It's been a big change, but so exciting! Plus, I got my B.C license so I'm up for FREE HEALTHCARE (!!!!!!) so honestly, I'm #winning. 


Promise I'll try to blog more. 


Until next time,









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