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The Last Bow

March 11, 2017


It's time for a pause. 


Amidst all the chaos of midterms, rehearsals, and (oh-god this Visa application), for a while it seemed like I was disintegrating. Seriously. There were nights where I contemplated just sleeping on the park benches on campus because I wasn't sure if I was able to bike back home (props to Rachel McIntyre for telling me that I could, in fact, make the trip home). Those 13, 14 hour days can really do a number on you.


But a wise, wise, woman told me that this is when I'm at my best. I thrive in situations where I've got a lot to do-- it makes me motivated, excited, and gives me purpose (thanks mom!).


And so, that chasm of papers, assignments, rehearsals, and mountains of paperwork is now behind me, and I've got  spring break (read: SPRAANG BREAAAAKK) , to look forward to. So I can finally take a breath, and look back.


I just came off of a run of my last show at USC and wow, what a journey! The show is called This Our Now and is a play written by the wonderful, talented, Olivia Cordell (seriously. she is such a grade-A human and so smart). It's a play about love, about people constantly bombarded with information and man, was it one wild ride. I realized how much I missed theatre: the rehearsals, the character work, that first table read, and the one moment before the curtain opens, when everything you've worked for is about to come alive onstage. It's a feeling unlike any other. And I had the pleasure of working with the wittty David Branson as our director, who kept us on our toes and moved us forward when we needed the push. My lovely castmates, Miles Bryant, Allie Scott,  and Michael Lyons were wonderful to work and share the stage with. Keep your eyes peeled for clips of the show and check out the photos page for more pictures!


Because I'm addicted to the stage, this week wouldn't have been complete without some sort of musical number. My midterm for my pop-music class was a concert, and I had the opportunity to sing Johnny B Goode at the Carson Soundstage. Check out the video of it on my music page! 


After all of this, I'll be taking a break and heading over to Miami for some much needed R & R so South Beach, here I come!

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