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Onwards, and upwards!

January 16, 2017

It's the beginning of 2017. It’s time for some change. A good friend of mine told me that 2017 is going to be the year of buoyancy. Like a nice glass of prosecco or champagne, the only way that we (and those bubbles) are going is up.


And I’d like to help you get there.


On average, a typical American will check his/her phone 46 times a day. 2016 You may have thought “Wow, we’ve become screen obsessed humans. Look at the state of our society.”  But it’s 2017 now, and this is the year of buoyancy! That’s 46 windows of opportunity for you to connect your stuff with other people. How cool is that?


The best way to do that, undoubtedly, is to have your own website. You can customize different pages, run a blog, add beautiful photos all in one place.


My specialty is creating artists pages for actors (I built the website you’re on right now!), but I’ve made websites for lots of different reasons. I built a luxury travel website, a circus-themed website and even a band website masquerading as an online store.  (Click the underlined bits to see them!)


I know hiring season is here, so I'm offering a 2017 special to create your own branded website! For $45 you'll get a website of your very own of up to 4 pages.


Features can include:

  • online resumé (with links for employers to download in pdf or word format)

  • an about me section

  • photo galleries

  • a blog page

  • contact page (with links to all your socials!)

  • music page

Shoot me an e-mail over at the contact page if you're interested!



Cheers to the year of buoyancy!


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