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The Waiting Room

September 8, 2015

After a short break from the internet, I've decided to come back here to chronicle the end of my sophmore year in college.


It's been tough because the last time I was here, the internet gods decided to test me by deleting the very very well-written post that I had penned on my experience with my first School of Dramatic Arts Show. I mourned the loss of the beautifully written piece, and I feel like months later, I am finally ready to try again.


**Discalimer: I have notoriously terrible memory, so details may have been omitted/forgotten.


I was cast in Lisa Loomer's "The Waiting Room" in January of this year, to play Forgiveness from Heaven, an 18th century woman with bound feet. The play follows three women: Victoria (A british lady with a corseted waist), Wanda (A woman from Jersey with breast implants), and Forgiveness, who meet in a modern-day waiting room, all trying to change something about themselves. Along the way, they meet Douglas, (the doctor) Larry, (a corrupt businessman), and Ken (A guy who works for the FDA) and Brenda (Douglas' nurse). The play deals with the ideals of feminine beauty, greed, and corruption, all wrapped in a nice two-hour show.


It's been a while since I've been in a play, and I missed the rehearsal process. Directed by Larissas Kokernot, I delved into the mind of Forgiveness, a tortured woman between her husband and her own happiness. I also worked with a dialect coach to perfect my Chinese accent.


If I've learned anything from plays, it's that rehearsals take up a lot of time. You're not only working when you're in rehearsal, but even in the hours when you're offstage, you're constantly thinking about the play and the work. Balancing academics and a social life on top of that was, to say the least, a challenge.


I learned immensely from my cast-mates and my fellow actors, and am so happy to have performed in a show with the School of Dramatic Arts.

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