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Planes, Musicals, and Good Friends

August 8, 2014



Equipped with my "Classy Travel" playlist, I flew to New York this past weekend to spend some sleepless nights in the city that never sleeps. I got to meet up with my best friend, Matt Ruehlman, who's headed to Northwestern University in the fall (Congrats, Matt!!) to romp around the city and meet and mingle with some of the more interesting locals.


Along with that, I saw the Book of Mormon, the award-winning musical featuring Ben Platt and Nic Rouleau. Their portrayals of Elder Cunningham and Elder Price were amazing, extending far beyond that of sterotypical "church boys". Coupled with Rouleau's pure voice and Platt's skill in comedic timing, the show was amazing from start to finish. I strongly recommend that anybody who enjoys laughing, musicals, or breathing to go see the show. It's not just a funny comedy filled with fart jokes and South Park humour (though if that's what you're looking for, you won't be dissappointed), but has a very poignant message that the humour complements perfectly.


Now that I'm back, I'm elated to share a bit more of the film I've been working on. "Interlude" (Originally titled "First Date") now has a trailer, to give you a bit of a sneak peek into the final product. Be sure to check it out! 

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